Wedding Bells are Ringing!

Happy New Year!  

Already many of you who are planning Spring or Summer weddings have had the revelation:  “There is no longer a year to get ready for the Big Day!”  Lists have to be seriously attended to.  Plans have to be finalized.  And of course there are the wedding bands.  Some of you may already know what it is you want.  But those of you, who don’t, get out there and start looking. 

There is a lot to look at for both men and women.  Looking at rings will also help you form a realistic budget. We recommend that you choose and order your rings early.  You will have your ring for most or all of your married life.  You owe it to yourself to find something that is comfortable and beautiful. And don’t forget Valentine’s Day or the upcoming Spring anniversary.  Plan ahead and you will have an easier time finding the perfect gift.  Designing and making a piece of fine jewelry will typically take 6 to 8 weeks, sometimes even longer.   Jewelry is often an unexpected gift.  That makes it more special.

All of us at Partita hope you have a wonderful new year!