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Junghans finely crafted Wristwatches


Wristwatches are symbolic of humankind’s evolution and progression to capture and covet time. Junghans watches are a perfect example of just how far we have come. Born in 1861, in a small town known as Schramberg in the Black Forest, Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law, Jakob Zeller-Tobler, began manufacturing specific parts for watch production. Known for precision and excellence, their reputation pushed Jungahans into design and construction of their own line of watches by 1866. By 1903, Junghans had become the world’s largest watch factory, producing watches on a global market level, known mainly for quality and affordability.

“Keine technik ohne ästhetik.”

“No technology without aesthetic appeal.” One may argue that all wristwatches seem to be the same, but that argument is quickly dismissed at the sight of a Junghans watch. From the 1930’s to the 1960’s, product designer Anton Ziegler combined function and form in perfect harmony. His attention to detail can be seen today in the Meister series (see photo). In 1961, Max Bill continued the legendary procession of appeal by creating his own style of watches for Junghans. Max’s tradition of beauty and brilliance continue in the Max Bill series (see photo).

“…Und keine ästhetik ohne technik.”

“And no aesthetic appeal without technology.” Although each and every Junghans watch offers distinctiveness in terms of looks, there is much more inside to appreciate. Each timepiece is custom manufactured, which means that there is no assembly line. Instead, the process begins with a series of control tests to all of the components. Each timepiece is assigned a team of experts and watchmaker from the beginning of the process, right to the end.

                                                                                             Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

For over 150 years, Junghans has been known for fine craftsmanship, innovation and impeccable accuracy, and will continue to improve and pave the way for the future of watch making. With emphasis on technology and appearance, Junghans has truly earned a reputation of being a pacesetter in the field.