Autumn Trends:

Heating up with Rose Gold and Black Diamonds

Vacations have come to an end and school is underway once again, bringing some of the most amazing weather to San Francisco. Indian summer delivers the warmth of summer juxtaposed with the crisp edge of fall. As with the seasons, the climate of jewelry is changing towards a more subtle tone: Rose gold and black diamonds. Instead of a flashy yellow or a neutral white, rose gold offers a muted tone, rekindling a flavor of romance for an event as casual as a hayride or as formal as an evening on the town. Black diamonds offer a sharp contrast to the sparkle of a white diamond. As a muted tone, black diamonds can be worn with any clothing options, formal or casual, and they effectively enhance other pieces when worn with them.

The soft turn to rose gold was present at the Biennale des Antiquaires (Biennial Antique) show mid-October in Paris. Jean-Bernard Forot, director of Piaget’s jewelry describes “Femininity and softness,” as being the reason for the trend this year towards rose gold. “Rose gold disappears against the skin,” Claire Choisne, a new designer at Boucheron, a famed jewelry house in Paris, remarked about the trend. She continued to add, “…[It] is more discreet than yellow or white gold, brings warmth to the creation…”*

There is a common intrigue, a love affair if you will, between women and diamonds. Diamonds are graded on Moh’s Scale of hardness as a ten (on a scale of one through ten), diamonds sparkle like no other gemstone, and they are truly brilliant. The black diamond has the same hardness as a clear one, yet it does not have the same sparkle. The muted value of the black diamond is incredible, creating a luscious backdrop for a rose gold necklace and pendant.

Style and fashion are dynamic, ever-changing to fit the needs of the trends to the corresponding period and demand. While rose gold may be trending, it has been around for over 150 years (historically known as Russian gold) and is not going away. Black diamonds can be worn by themselves for a subtle statement, or they can be worn with another piece to enhance the colors of that piece. Rose gold and black diamonds may be trending, but it is a trend that is here to stay.

*Menkes, Suzy: Radiant Like the Dawn: Rose Gold Is in Vogue Again, New York Times, Ny, NY, September, 2012; web, October, 2014.