Not Just one, but three Rings for the Holiday Season!


The trend is swinging towards stackable rings and multiple rings on the same hand. This is a great way to mix up different styles of rings: Rose, yellow and white gold to create an eclectic match. Another way to “mix it up” is to wear different colored stones to create a multicolored party on a hand.

Stackable rings come in a variety of different widths, and can be comprised of many different metals. Mix a platinum band with a yellow gold band…mix sapphires with diamonds, or throw in some rubies for holiday flair. The possibilities with stackable rings are endless.

Budget can be a factor when it comes to accessorizing for the holidays, but there are a few ways to avoid spending more on the accessories than the budget permits. The metal of a ring is an important component, appearance wise, but what is most important is an emotional connection, a passion for the piece. White gold is a fantastic way to showcase a stone, but rose can bring special warmth to brilliant colors. Keep in mind certain stones with deep colors: Amethyst, garnet and onyx are some examples of gems that can enrich the fun this year at any occasion. Diamonds, emeralds and sapphires deliver a different kind of brilliance: Sparkle, green hues, and blues can be found from these precious gems.

When it comes to jewelry gifts for the holidays, think outside the box: Three gifts are always better than one. Transform your hand into eye candy for your friends and loved ones to admire.