Zeppelin and Junkers: Then Famous, now Legendary

                                                                                        Zeppelin Blue Flatline

Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin constructed the first dirigible aero fixed airship (1900), while Hugo Junkers was an aviation pioneer that brought commercial aviation to a new level in the 1920’s and 30’s.  With innovation forged behind these names, watches that carry the same have a strong reputation to uphold. Zeppelin and Junkers watches wear a rich history born on the banks of the river Isar in a quaint, scenic town known as Ismaning (near Munich). In 1987, founder Wilhelm Birk vowed to "create watches that would stand out thanks to their unique design, excellent price/performance ratio and high product quality…” That vision has become a reality, as the 2015 watches exemplify these features at a very affordable price.

A new feature has been added to the classic Flatline: A *power reserve indicator. When traveling, the convenience of a 24-hour sub dial allows for a quick time reference in a different time zone. With a 40mm face, this watch is a joy to read with an eye on fashion with a steel case and a choice of blue, black or beige dial. The observation portal allows the wearer to see the automatic movement in action. ($549) 5ATM

                                                                     Junkers G 38 Chronograph

The Junkers G38 offers a 42mm face for a bold look and a rose gold plated case to take the knocks, and a chronograph feature for precision timing. The G38 displays two panels on the face: A secondhand feature, as well as a minute indicator for the chronograph. A convenient calendar window is located just above the “6” for the date. The G38 quartz watch offers everything a guy could want in a watch. ($380) Available in stainless steel.

                                          Zeppelin Princess of the Sky

This Zeppelin Princess of the Sky is a timeless beauty which offers a 34mm transparent face to view the automatic movement of the watch. The bezel is available in stainless steel or rose. With a strap that snaps away, the Princess of the sky can easily convert from a wristwatch to a pendant watch. ($380)


Zeppelin and Junkers combined are the largest watch producers in Germany: Value, quality, and style are the main reasons for their success. The 2015 watches from Zeppelin and Junkers offer a fresh perspective on keeping time at a price that is affordable for everyone. Call us for information regarding functions and prices.