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Wedding Carbon Fiber Band – where Love meets science

Wedding Carbon Fiber Band – where Love meets science


A men's wedding band is by far the most important piece of jewelry he will own in his lifetime. It not only represents the love and commitment that two people share but the design he chooses also speaks volumes about his personality. When buying a Carbon Fiber ring as a wedding band you can be sure that ring style highlights your hi-tech and distinctive personality. This is something you will be wearing “forever”. As much as you want it to speak to your personal style and spirit, it's important that your ring comfortable and that the design withstand the test of time.

Carbon fiber has been around for more than 50 years from those heady days of the 1960s when, as a matchbox curiosity, the short, black, “prickly” fiber was worth more than its weight in gold. A few years ago, Lamborghini made their already-super-fast cars even faster by fabricating carbon fiber. Super strong and unbelievably lightweight, carbon fiber was just the material for the job, but the typical woven sheets could only make a limited number of shapes. To fix that problem, Lamborghini created a process that allowed 3-dimensional shapes to be forged. This new process not only allowed for more flexibility in part production but also replaced the standard weave pattern. Currently, 3 exploring spacecraft Curiosity, Maven and Orion are tooling around in space with carbon fiber components, and in Orion’s case with a carbon fiber skin.

And fortunately, you can have this magic material on your finger as a symbol of your love and commitment. You may have seen men’s carbon fiber rings before, but you've probably never seen any like these.


Rather than falling back on the traditional weave pattern these carbon fiber bands all hand forged to create a marbled pattern so that when the light catches them it reveals a depth of layers that's unlike any other ring on the market. And because they're carbon fiber, they're unbelievably strong and super lightweight wedding bands. 

In combination with a precious metal, carbon can give any Wedding Band an exclusive and very distinctive style.

 These carbon rings are individually crafted and hand finished in Switzerland. The Carbon Fiber is combined with Platinum, Palladium, White, Yellow and Red Gold, offering a wide array of choices and price points for every client.

This Season the models in warm red gold with Carbon Fiber have gotten a lot of attention. While all styles can certainly be worn as wedding bands, they go far beyond to embody fashion rings at its best.














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