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Channel your Inner _____!

Channel your Inner _____!

By now the confetti has settled and most of us have returned back to work and/or our regularly scheduled lives. As we collectively hit reset, it’s the perfect time to focus back in on the little things (or big things) that bring us joy.

Personally, when I take an extra 10 minutes for myself in the morning—be it to play with my pup, get a personal email out, or just chill—I am all the better for it. The same goes for carving out an extra snippet of time to mindfully honor the person I present to the world each day. This doesn’t have anything to do with “perfection”, but is really about appreciating myself in the moment and enjoying the process of getting ready. Some days the vibe I’m channeling is Tech Chic, while another day might be Romantic Artisan. How about you?

Accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to enhance and inspire the look you’re going for on a particular day, or in general. Below I’ve created four fun and playful personas and the jewelry pieces that inspired them. Here’s to channeling your inner _______!

1. Artist-in-Residence


18k Yellow Gold & Rose Gold w/ Oxidized Sterling Silver

Colorless Diamonds = .04ctw

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2. Mod Chic

14k Yellow Gold Hoop Dangle Earrings

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3. Fun-Loving Flapper

4.42ct Opal Ring in Platinum w/ Diamonds and Emeralds

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4. Snow Queen

Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold

Diamonds = 1.14ctw

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