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Your Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry

Your Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry

When you’re in the market—or mood— to buy a quality piece of jewelry for yourself, there are a few things to consider. We’ve compiled your short list of things to keep in mind.

Purpose and Intention

Is there a special event or personal accomplishment you want to mark? Is this a just-because, treating yourself kind of piece? Knowing why you’re buying the piece will help bring clarity to what type of piece will be the best fit. That being said, you definitely do not need a reason!

Diamond and 14k Rose Gold Eternity Band, $498

Stacking rings are a great way to commemorate or honor an important milestone or occasion because you can easily add them with existing rings and continue to build on stack. The flexibility and functionality make them a great option.

Multi-Colored Gemstone Bracelet, $615

You’re treating yourself and it’s the perfect opportunity to get something playful and fun. We like these colorful pieces because you can put them on and immediately update your look and your vibe. Are they practical? Maybe. Will they bring a smile to your face when you catch a glimpse of them during the day? Absolutely.

Multi-Colored Gemstone Necklace, $1,290

Faceted Opal Necklace, $900


There are beautiful collections out there offering well-made pieces for a fraction of the price that a larger brand name might charge. If you are on a budget, consider the materials being used and focus on what is most important to you. Say you love the sparkle of black diamonds, a great alternative can be black spinel. White gold is a less pricey alternative to platinum. There are many examples of how you can get to the desired outcome while still honoring your budget.

Another consideration is commissioning a custom piece. You can set your budget and work with the jeweler on a design you love, that you are now intrinsically a part of. Typically for custom projects, a deposit of half the total amount is asked upfront, with the rest paid upon completion.

Personal Style

All things equal, what are you drawn to? Is there a color or stone that radiates happiness or luxury for you? Are you most comfortable in warmer metals (think rose and yellow gold) or cooler ones (sterling silver, white gold, and platinum)? Begin paying attention to where your eye is drawn and the types of pieces you’re consistently “wowed” by.

Metal Woven Bracelet, $500

Care and Wearability

Diamonds may be forever, but they still require care and maintenance as does all fine jewelry. Ideally items are taken off before the gym and before turning in for the night. It may seem like some pieces are invincible, but over time prongs can loosen, things can shift, and metal can wear. In addition to daily rituals and physical activity, consider the materials specifically. Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are pretty strong and resilient under most conditions, while opals should be kept dry and always taken off before showering.

The takeaway here is to choose a piece that suits your lifestyle and care for it consciously.






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