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Tesoro Button Lock: Damasteel Mammoth Collection - 3.25"


Tesoro Button Lock 

This is the second version of the original Santa Fe Stoneworks button lock knife, the “Tesoro”. This model has a Titanium body. These Tesoro models feature an Odin Heim Damasteel blade. Damasteel is a forged one-of-a-kind Damascus made in Sweden. It is best known for its excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, superior edge sharpness and cutting ability. It is also known as the best overall stainless Damascus-patterned steel resulting in a homogenous product. This knife is designed and made with full attention to detail, fit and form. 


Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Tusk

The material in these knife handles is fossilized Woolly Mammoth Tusk, the undersides of Woolly Mammoth tusks often show wear, suggesting that they were used in scraping snow and ice off of the ground cover of vegetation during feeding.

They also used their tusks for protection from predators, attraction during mating and as a display of dominance to other Woolly Mammoths. We proudly show our respect by using this material in our best knives.

Mammoth fossils are 150,000+ year old natural material so patterns and colors vary on each knife, No two are the same! These Photos are representations of the Material, actual products will vary in color and patterns. 


Blade Length = 3.25"

Mother-of-Pearl Inlay set into Tesoro Button

Please note: This knife is equipped with a clip on one side.

For additional information please contact Partita +1(415) 447-0795

Tesoro Button Lock: Damasteel Mammoth Collection - 3.25"



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